Led Tri Proof Fixture 8211 4ft 40w

Wholesale LED Linear Light Fixtures

Metro LED offers wholesale LED linear light fixtures that deliver both quality and efficiency. Our LED integrated tubes and LED linear strips are designed to meet diverse indoor lighting needs. With options such as the 4FT 22W and 8FT 60W LED integrated tubes, our product line provides reliable and versatile solutions.


Our LED linear strips feature CCT and wattage tuning, which allows for fine-tuned control over your lighting environment. For those seeking robust endurance and water resistance for damp areas like tunnels, exterior stairwells, or maintenance areas, our LED tri-proof fixture – 4FT 40W is a superior choice. As a leader in wholesale linear LED lighting, we ensure each product reflects our commitment to excellence. Choose Metro LED for your wholesale linear LED lights and experience the difference of partnering with an industry expert. Trust our wholesale LED linear light fixtures to illuminate your spaces with quality and efficiency.

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