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Metro LED Light and Sign

Large white commercial space with white pillars showing LED panel lights stretching across the ceiling in rows.

The Most Common Types of Commercial LED Lighting

The most common types of commercial LED lighting play a pivotal role in enhancing visibility, ensuring safety, and creating inviting atmospheres for customers and employees alike. LED technology has revolutionized the way businesses and industries illuminate their environments, combining energy efficiency with superior lighting quality. Explore the diverse range of LED lighting fixtures available for commercial and industrial applications.

High Bay Lighting

High bay lighting is typically used in large, open areas with ceiling heights exceeding 15 feet, such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, gymnasiums, and large retail stores. High bay LED lights provide bright, uniform lighting capable of efficiently covering large spaces, significantly reducing the number of fixtures needed for proper illumination.

Linear Tube Lighting

Linear tube lighting, which is often found in offices, commercial buildings, and retail spaces, can replace traditional fluorescent tubes. LED linear tubes offer better energy efficiency, a longer lifespan, and improved light quality without the flickering or humming associated with older fluorescent tube lights.

LED Panel Lights

LED panel lights are designed for drop ceilings commonly found in corporate offices, hospitals, schools, and other institutions that purchase wholesale LED panel lights for multiple large buildings. These flat, rectangular lights provide a sleek, modern look while offering a diffused light that reduces glare, making them perfect for settings requiring consistent, comfortable illumination.

Exterior Floodlights and Parking Lot Lights

Exterior floodlights and parking lot lights are essential for safety and security in outdoor commercial and industrial spaces, construction sites, and sports arenas. These powerful fixtures illuminate vast areas, deterring crime and ensuring visitors can safely navigate parking lots and building perimeters. LED versions are preferred for their long life and reduced maintenance costs.

Exterior Wall Pack LED Lights

Mounted on the exterior walls of buildings, wall pack LED lights are designed to illuminate walkways, entrances, and perimeters. These durable fixtures are resistant to weather and vandalism, providing reliable lighting for security and aesthetic purposes.

LED Canopy Lights

Often used in gas stations, outdoor walkways, and underpasses, LED canopy lights are mounted to ceilings or overhead structures. They provide bright, focused light to ensure safety and visibility in covered outdoor areas, enhancing user experience and security during nighttime hours.

LED Cooler Lights

LED cooler lights are specialized fixtures used in refrigerated display cases and coolers in grocery stores and convenience shops. These lights emit minimal heat, preventing temperature fluctuations that could affect stored products. Additionally, their superior color rendering makes merchandise more appealing while conserving energy.

These common types of commercial LED lighting offer businesses the opportunity to improve operational efficiency, enhance safety, and create welcoming environments for employees and customers. Understanding their various uses helps businesses make informed decisions that align with their specific needs.