LED Message Signs or Electronic Message Center (“EMC”) have a proven impact on increasing traffic to businesses. The key feature that makes EMCs effective for building traffic to retail and commercial businesses is display programming. With the abilities of full-color programmable EMCs, LED technology has produced the capabilities to advertise at any outdoor venue with the stroke of a few button and configurations . Now more than ever, LED Message Signs can be easily programmed with messages, images, and video designed to build traffic and improve top line sales and bottom line margins. This equates to a quick return on investment.

According to the U. S. Small Business Association, “businesses utilizing outdoor led signage have seen sales increases ranging from 15 to 150 percent.” A 2012 study conducted by the University of Cincinnati entitled “The Economic Value of On-Premise Signage” cites sales increases of 2% to 15% with the addition of EMC signage to an existing business.”

In addition to providing the LED Message Sign, we provide in-house training and technical support Monday – Friday. This ensure that you do not feel alone through the process of learning how to operate your EMC or maintaining it.